Municipal leaders tackling climate change for a safer Canada

Climate chaos is a reality that every political leader must face. The Climate Leadership Caucus is a group of municipal elected representatives who have joined forces to create the policies and political will to tackle climate change in Canada. Want to join us?

Change is possible

Canadian municipalities have the know-how to create a resilient and sustainable Canada. They just need positive and optimistic leaders to chart the way.

Preparing for impacts

CLC's first goal is to help Canadian municipalities get ready for the impacts of climate change.

We need new leadership

Current leaders, at all level of government, need to either step up boldly or step aside so that decisive and meaningful action on climate change can happen.

Reducing emissions

CLC's second goal is to help Canadian municipalities get to net zero emissions by 2030.

Beyond party

The Climate Leadership Caucus is beyond party: Liberals, New Democrats, Conservatives, Greens, and Independents are all needed to create meaningful action.

A new economy

CLC's third goal is to help foster private investment and innovation in climate change adaptation and emission reduction.

About Us

We believe that climate change is the most important issue facing Canadian communities.

We are a non-partisan organization of elected officials who began organizing in January 2019 to chart the way to a more stable and sustainable Canada.

Climate chaos is a real threat to Canadian communities and we believe that every policy must be viewed through a climate change lens. We are constantly asking: “Does this policy or plan help us adapt to the new climate?” and “Does this help us reduce our contribution to climate change?”

Elected Officials
About Us
Our Strategy

We build political will for change and push for solutions that work

We provide strategic support to elected officials and candidates who make climate change adaptation and mitigation their top priority.

  • Communication training
  • Campaign support
  • Fundraising support
  • Lobbying
  • Networking
  • Policy development
  • and much more…
Why get involved?

Make a change nationally while you get help for things back home

The Climate Leadership Caucus is striving to build a national consensus for action on climate change. At the same time, we are seeking support from national and provincial leaders for local projects.

The impacts of climate change will be felt most strongly at the local level. And many of the projects that will help Canada meet its greenhouse gas reduction targets are local projects. The Climate Leadership Caucus can help you launch projects in your own region.

Climate Change Adaptation
Climate Change Adaptation

Climate change will hit every community in Canada but the impacts will be felt differently depending on the region. CLC will lobby for stronger action on wildfire, drought, flooding, landslides, water quality issues, and internal migration and more.

Climate Change Mitigation
Climate Change Mitigation

CLC will push for stronger action of greenhouse gas reduction, including a higher price on carbon pollution, replacing fossil fuel subsidies with subsidies on renewable energy and funds to help municipalities migrate faster to renewable energy.

Ecosystem-based Policies
Ecosystem-based Policies

Healthy local and regional ecosystems are our best defences against climate chaos. CLC will push for ecosytem-based policies that will help Canadian communities develop more robust infrastructure and more sustainable economic development.

Innovative Solutions

Made-in-Canada solutions for Climate Change

CLC works with Canada's leading scientists, policy makers and organizations to develop a vision and plan that we can all support.

CLC is committed to addressing the impacts of climate change as well as helping to implement the best policies that will help Canada reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Policy guidance:

Ecofiscal Citizen's Climate Lobby West Kootenay Ecosociety Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives 2 Degrees Institute
Innovative Solutions

Our Members

Meet a few of Canada's leaders working to manage the causes & impacts climate change.

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The Climate Leadership Caucus is leading the way on meaningful policy and action.

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